Find Your Way Around Air Compressors – Exploring Air Compressor Parts

Air compressors are essential mechanical equipment for homeowners (air conditioners and refrigerators), commercial businesses, jet engines, refining industries, manufacturing and automotive industries. In reality, air compressors have been utilized in industries in more than a century. It is a multi-talented device utilized to supply the compressed air and/or power in a specified space. It is being used in any purpose which requires air in decreased volume or increased force.

They are are obtainable in several types, which are produced to meet dissimilar requirements. Each type may vary in chilling method, compression stages, power source and lubrication. The following are three main types of air compressors:

Reciprocating (Piston) Air Compressor – uses piston in compressing air and keeping in storage tank. Based on the quantity of compression stages, this type may be single-stage or double-stage. In a single stage, one piston is utilized in compressing air, whereas in the  เครื่องอัดอากาศ  double-stage, there are two pistons used in air compression.

Rotary Air Compressor – this is the same as the positive displacement configuration of reciprocating compressor. In this type, two rotating helical mated bolts are being used rather than pistons. Since the screws rotate towards one another, air is compacted and pushed in the storage tank.

Centrifugal Air Compressor – also called dynamic compressor is appropriate when the need for compacted air is high. In this type, high speed spinning impeller increases speed of air, which is intended towards a diffuser which converts the speed of air into force. This compressor needs more energy to manipulate than the two compressors.
The device consists of two main components – the compressing mechanism and power source. The compressing device may be piston, vane or rotating impeller, whereas, the power comes from the electric motor or some other sources of energy. The compressing mechanism, aids in compacting atmospheric air by means of energy from the source of power.

The fundamental working principle of air compressor is to compact atmospheric air, which is utilized as needed. In the course, atmospheric air draws in by intake valve; more air is pulled in a narrow space automatically by piston, vane or impeller. Since the quantity of pulled atmospheric air is added in the storage tank, the pressure is automatically raised. In simpler language, atmospheric or free air is packed together after decreasing its volume and increasing its force in same period of time. There is force setting handle which can be maneuvered per requirement of the operator. When the force increases to


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