Gambling Addiction Cure – One Day at a Time

While many people will argue that there is no cure for a gambling addiction, I disagree. I think the problem may be one of semantics or expectations. First of all, let’s make sure we agree on the term, cure. By cure, I mean a cessation of the symptoms and return to normalcy in life.

For instance, when you have the flu or a cold, you say you are cured when the cold or flu goes away and you can return to your normal way of life and do things you did before the sickness. It doesn’t mean that you will never have a cold or flu again and it certainly doesn’t mean you are impervious to those problems. It just means that, for the moment, or day, you aren’t incapacitated by sickness.

Many twelve step programs use the simple but powerful affirmation, “One day at a time.” It is a way of breaking down the daunting task of controlling a life long problem by tackling it just for today. It is a way of saying, “Just for today I will not gamble. I will live my life and take care of the people I love and do my job the best I can.”

It doesn’t mean that you are not susceptible to gambling or that you will never feel its powerful pull, it simply means that you are not gambling today and you are doing the things you have to do or want to do for the people who depend upon you, including and especially, you yourself.

Therefore, if you did not gamble today, when you go to bed, you may say to yourself, “Today I was cured and did not gamble. Tomorrow is another day and I will have to live it and face the challenges of the day when it comes, but for now, this day that is coming to a close was a good day for me, because I did not gamble.”

Life is a day to day struggle for every person who lives on this planet, whether we realize it or not. It isn’t just difficult or dangerous for people with addictions, but for everyone. Our bodies and psyches are constantly bombarded with germs and challenges that we must overcome. You may survive cancer only to contract it again. You may solve your financial problems, only to have the economy tank and lose everything.

There are no guarantees in life and if you are trying to live it one day at a time, take heart in the knowledge that whether they realize it or not, the rest of the people in this world, even if they never heard that phrase or sat through a 12 step meeting, are doing exactly the same thing. Though we all would like the assurance that once we face a problem and solve it for a day, it would never return, life doesn’t work that way, we all truly live it from sunrise to sunrise.


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