How To Make Landing Pages Effective For Converting Your Visitors

Landing pages have very important role in converting your pay per click visitors into customers. A landing page, is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement or a search-engine result link.

Your landing page should be built for maximum conversion. Here are few tips that can help you..

Clear offer

From very beginning your page should be clear about your offer. Whether you are selling or inviting to join your list or offering a free download. it should be clearly mentioned. This avoids confusion.

No Distraction

Landing pages are devised for capturing leads or generating sales. there is no point in keeping your navigation in place and let your visitor go astray. Remember! More links to click, more confused would be your reader as to where to go. Mulching Mornington Peninsula

Call For Action

Whenever you add a call for action, response dramatically goes up. So “Order here”, “Click Here to order”, “Fill in the form” are some calls which when used judiciously would improve the response.

Web Design

Landing page should be constructed with sound web design concepts. You must use good fonts, format your page well and make judicious use of graphics. Your content should be spaced enough and broken in pieces so that it is easy to scan that.


This would require creating different landing page for different ad groups. Include the search term(s) in your heading and page title. That would make you feel your reader that he has come to right place for answer to his search query.

After Effect

After your visitor converts, it is a good move to take him to another page where you can make more offers to sell or extract more information.

Your pay per click has done its job by bringing a visitor to your web site. Now it is your landing page that would take over.

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