Hustling For Gold at the Auction House

As all WoW players know or soon find out, gold is not easily come by in the early stages of the game. There are several approaches you can take to acquire the gold you will need to buy the armor, spells potions and many more items you will require.You can skin for gold, fish for it, collect frostweave, quest and many other tasks but eventually you end up at the auction house, selling your wares and fattening that purse of yours.

You can profit well in the auction house if you go about it right. Your cunning and know how in this aspect of the Warcraft economy will decide how quickly you level and with what quality of items you will do so.

First thing to do is get an alt to run your auctions, no use wasting the time of your main character.Get your alt some bags and keep it near the auctions, ready for items you will be sending in the mail. Watch the auctions closely and get a feel for what the buying and selling ranges are for items you will be dealing with.

If someone is selling an item you know you can profit by reselling. jump on it and get it back up for sale at the profitable price.

Do not get sucked into a low ball spiral on your selling price, pick a price and stick with it. Things will come your way if you are patient and willing to wait it out, do not get desperate. Give your item a day or so on the auction block but that’s about it, you may have to pull it and reconsider the situation.

Be sure that you set a buy out price when you start the auction, decide what you will take if they will buy it now, try to make it tempting but profitable. Most people do not want to wait for what they desire and will be willing to pay a little more to “have it now!!” estate liquidators bay area

The key to the auction house is knowing what the items are actually worth and what the current going rate it is. You’ll have to spend a little time tracking and scanning the auctions to get this skill down but with a little practice you will soon be a sly old hand at the auction house.

One last tip, it’s about timing,when is the best time to run your auctions? optimum would be the weekend while everyone is gearing up for the big push that night. If possible you should horde valuable items during the week for sale over the weekend. That’s not always possible but is pretty sweet if you can pull it off.

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